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is agruss law firm legit

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They are100% legit companies, but there are always complainers about something they are not happy about. Make the difference between the platform and the user. It could be the case with www.agrusslawfirm.com as well.

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  • Who is agruss law firm?

  • Agruss Law Firm, LLC, is a consumer rights and personal injury law practice. Consumer rights practice includes consumers with debt collection harassment and credit report problems.

  • Is agruss law worth $1000 in the pocket?

  • But $1000 in the pocket is still great. What absolutely is striking about the Agruss Law Firm is every single review at Yelp Google is 5 stars.

  • Why hire Mr agruss?

  • Mr. Agruss is an excellent attorney! After experiencing inappropriate collection practices with a particular agency, I contacted Mr Agruss and told him my story. He is personable, a good listener, and works quickly. He was able to quickly assess my situation and provide clear expectations of the process.

  • Who is Jackie at agruss law firm?

  • Jackie has been a member at Agruss Law Firm, LLC since 2015. Before joining the Agruss team, Jackie knew she was passionate about law. She decided to move from her small town to the Windy City to pursue a degree in Paralegal Studies at Roosevelt University. After graduating from Roosevelt Un……