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a lawful permanent resident alien registration number uscis number

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An Alien Registration Number begins with a capital A. However, on a Permanent Resident Card, or Green Card, the A-Number will be listed as a USCIS#. It will not have an A. Instead, it will have seven, eight or nine digits. A typical number would appear as000-000-000 or 012-345-678.

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  • How to find alien registration number on permanent resident card?

  • Alien registration number can also be found on the Permanent Resident Card, which is also called as Green Card. It does not explicitly have a field name that says A-Number. You can find the A-Number on the Green Card on front side of the card under the field name that says 鈥淯SCIS#鈥? The USCIS Number or USCIS# is nothing but the A-Number.

  • What is the alien number on a green card called?

  • Permanent Resident, Green Card and Alien Card Number. / By. Permanent Resident Cards are also known as Form I-551s or Green Cards. Each Green Card that USCIS issues to a permanent resident now has an Alien Registration Number on both the front and back. Officially, an A-Number begins with an A and is followed by seven, eight or nine digits.

  • Is a case number the same as alien registration number?

  • No. USCIS uses your Alien Registration Number (A-Number) to track you throughout their systems and across multiple applications, while a USCIS Case Number refers to one specific application. Since they are not the same, you will need to be able to tell them apart.

  • What is the number on the front of a permanent resident card?

  • Permanent Resident Cards issued after May 2010 will list the alien card number as the USCIS# on the front of the card. It can be seven, eight or nine digits long. The numbers will be separated into sets of two or three digits by dashes or spaces.