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does st andrews university teach law

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  • What is it like to study at St Andrews?

  • It is a really vibrant place with a lot going on. I feel like the more you immerse yourself with the traditions and the life in St. Andrews, you the more you will enjoy the university. It’s very different to other unis.

  • Does the University of St Andrews offer any postgraduate tuition fees?

  • The University of St Andrews offers a 10% discount in postgraduate tuition fees to students who are eligible to graduate or who have graduated from St Andrews within the last three academic years and are starting a postgraduate programme with the University of St Andrews.

  • What are the Graduate outcomes like at the University of St Andrews?

  • The graduate outcomes for the University of St Andrews show that six months after leaving university, 71% of graduates are in work or further study. The typical graduate salary six months after leaving the University of St Andrews is 27-30k a year.

  • How good is the St Andrews University Union?

  • The Union is great, it has a club attached for those who like that vibe or else there are other pubs/ bars around town. The aforementioned clubs and societies also put on events of their own throughout the year which are a fab time. more… problem with this review? St Andrews is an incredible university in a very small, very picturesque town.