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why did ben daniels leave law and order uk

why did ben daniels leave law and order uk插图

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  • Is cutting it鈥檚 Ben Daniels a real lawyer?

  • Former Cutting It star Ben Daniels was hoping for just one story when he visited the world鈥檚 most famous court. About to play a lawyer on screen, he鈥檇 already met with some real life examples from the Crown Prosecution Service.

  • What happened to the first actor to leave Law & Order?

  • To quote the Law Order intro voiceover, these are their stories… The first actor to leave Law Order was George Dzundza, who made his exit in 1991 after just one season of playing Sergeant Max Greevey, the seasoned detective partner of Chris Noth’s Mike Logan.

  • Who are the actors in law and Order UK?

  • Law Order: UK Featuring: Bradley Walsh, Freema Agyeman, Jamie Bamber, Ben Daniels, Harriet Walter, Bill Patterson The premise: Think of this one as the original Law Order but with more fish-and-chips shops and barristers鈥?wigs.

  • Who does Ben Whishaw play in Law&Order UK?

  • While he may have missed out on a real life day in court, Ben made up for it while playing Crown Prosecutor James Steel in Law Order: UK (ITV1, Monday, 9pm).