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a bicyclist who doesn t obey traffic laws

a bicyclist who doesn t obey traffic laws插图

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  • What must a bicyclist obey the same traffic laws as?

  • A bicyclist must obey the same traffic laws as… O a horse and carriage. a motorcyclist. an automobile driver. all drivers are required to follow the same rules of the road regardless of vehicle. Did this page answer your question?

  • Do bicyclists have the same rights as car drivers?

  • As bicycles are legally defined as vehicles, bicyclists are subject to precisely the same rights and responsibility as car drivers. When riding a bicycle on roads you must obey all traffic laws, signs and signals, yield the right-of-way where appropriate and follow the same rules for indicating and making turns.

  • Can a bicyclist be liable for a traffic accident?

  • Regardless of preconceptions (let alone misconceptions), drivers and bicyclists can both be legally liable for causing or contributing to a traffic accident. A bicyclist is in a unique position on the road, operating a bare-bones vehicle under his or her own power, often around much larger and faster vehicles.

  • What are the rules for riding a bicycle in California?

  • A bicyclist must obey all traffic controls and signals. A bicyclist must use a fixed, regular seat for riding. No bicycle may be used to carry more persons at one time than the number for which it is designed or equipped. At least one hand must be kept on the handlebars while riding.