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where to install carbon monoxide detector law california

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  • What are the rules for carbon monoxide detectors in California?

  • Cal. Health Safety Code 1569.311. Requires every residential care facility for the elderly shall have one or more carbon monoxide detector in the facility. California. Cal. Health Safety Code 17926 to 17926.2 鈥?Regulation of Buildings Used for Human Habitation.

  • Where are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed?

  • Smoke alarms shall be installed on the ceiling or wall between 4鈥?and 12鈥?of the ceiling. Carbon monoxide alarms shall be installed on the ceiling or wall above the door header. Maintenance The owner shall be responsible for testing and maintaining detectors in hotels, motels, lodging houses,

  • Do you need a carbon monoxide detector in a garage?

  • Carbon Monoxide Safety Act. Requires any dwelling with a fuel-fired heater, fireplace or attached garage have a carbon monoxide alarm installed on each floor or in a location required by the building code. Local governments may adopt more stringent provisions for the installation and maintenance of carbon monoxide alarms.

  • What is an approved carbon monoxide detector?

  • GLOSSARY Approved As applied herein means acceptable to the DSA. Carbon Monoxide Detector A device with an integral sensor to detect CO gas and transmit an alarm signal to a connected alarm control unit. Carbon Monoxide Detection System A system or portion of a combination system that consists of a control unit, components, and