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is it a law to cross safety chains

is it a law to cross safety chains插图

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If chains or cables are used as the safety device,they must be crossed and attached to the vehicles near the points of bumper attachments to the chassis of the vehicles. The length of chain used must not be more than necessary to permit free turning of the vehicles. The chains must be attached to the tow-bar at the point of crossing or as close to that point as is practicable.

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  • Do I need to cross the safety chains?

  • You do want to cross the safety chains to provide a cradle so if the trailer becomes disconnected from the ball, the chains will hold it off of the ground. The main thing is you do not want them to bind up (get wrapped around anything when making turns) as that could cause damage.

  • Do I need a safety chain on my trailer?

  • Let鈥檚 look at these 2, then some best practices. After some research, it appears the laws governing the details of trailers, including trailer safety chains, are regional (by State or Province), yet all (that I could find) require safety chains. Most of the laws are consistent across the board, but some have slightly different details.

  • Can You Weld a safety chain to a trailer drawbar?

  • You can weld a chain in any position on the drawbar. Myth: Drawbar safety chain attachment points should not come into contact with the road surface. While the trailer doesn鈥檛 have a link or in use. Rated Dee Shackles can be used on trailers up to 4.5t. Myth: Dee Shackles or Bow Shackles are used to attach the safety chain to chain holders.

  • Is a welded chain holder a legal requirement?

  • A welded chain holder is a legal requirement. The plate holding the safety chain holder should belt to the chassis rail. Previously, chain may attach via a bolt passing through the chassis rail and safety chain co-jointly.