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how to write a case comment in law in india

how to write a case comment in law in india插图

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  • How do I write a comment on a judicial decision?

  • Create a case note of a judicial decision Identify the purpose and format of a case comment Decide upon a topic or case upon which to comment Engage in discursive argument about a judicial decision

  • What is an a comment in a law paper?

  • A Comment, in contrast, should present a concise yet still original argument and have minimal literature review. Comments often (but need not necessarily) respond to a recent development in the law, such as cases, legislation, law review articles, lawsuits, administrative rulings, and executive orders.

  • How long should a case note be?

  • Case notes are short pieces of writing of between 300-800 words. Case comments are pieces of around 2000 鈥?3000 words. The writing of case notes tends to follow a specific pattern. In contrasts, there is no one 鈥渃orrect鈥?way to write a case comment.

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