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what is a conscription law

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Conscription Law and Legal Definition. Conscription is the compulsory enrolment of people in a country鈥檚 armed forces. Conscription,sometimes-termed compulsory service,usually enrolls young men of a given age for a set period of time. Conscription can also be for an indefinite period.

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  • What do you mean by conscription?

  • Conscription (also known as The Draft, the Call-up or National service) is the compulsory enrolment of persons especially for military service.

  • What is the difference between conscription and the draft?

  • Conscription is commonly known as the draft, but the concepts are not exactly the same. Conscription is the compulsory induction of individuals into the Armed Services, whereas the draft is the procedure by which individuals are chosen for conscription.

  • Is conscription legal in the United States?

  • No conscription, but legally possible in national emergency or state of war. Conscription is suspended and it may be re-introduced if this is considered to be necessary by the government. In fact, the present Conscription Act maintains conscription in the case of a national emergency or state of war.

  • What are conscription laws and ideologies?

  • Conscription Laws share some properties with Ideologies, but the purpose of are usually temporary and in need in-case of conflicts like an invasion of your nation. Changing the tier of Conscription Laws costs from 200 to 800 Political Power depending on the difference of the tiers.