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what is the law of consecration

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eternal law

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  • What is the law of consecration in the Bible?

  • The law of consecration is a divine principle whereby men and women voluntarily dedicate their time, talents, and material wealth to the establishment and building up of God鈥檚 kingdom. Consecrate yourselves to day to the Lord, Ex. 32:29.

  • What is consecration and why does it matter?

  • Behind consecration lies God’s grace and the ministries of the church that help us live Christian lives. Also behind it lies the daily practices that make up the Christian life. Consecration, then, is another name for our desire to live in the way that agrees with this grace.

  • How do Latter-day Saints live the law of consecration?

  • Most Latter-day Saints live the Law of Consecration in part. They give of their time and talents to fulfill various callings in the Church, and give of their financial resources to pay tithing and fast offerings, as well as to support other church charities, such as temple funds, humanitarian aid, missionary funds, etc.

  • What are the basic principles of the sacrament of consecration?

  • The foundational principles and cornerstones of Consecration are equality, unity, mutual assistance, proper use of the priesthood, faith, reciprocal love (charity), agency, stewardship, accountability and labor. This is the law by which hearts are purified, and by which we are ushered into the presence of God.