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what is cottage food law

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Cottage Food Laws are your key to starting a business from your own kitchen 鈥?legally and without the typical licensing headaches that a full-fledged commercial kitchen requires. In many states, the Cottage Food rules can be applied the same day that you hear about it 鈥?and you can begin selling your creations immediately.

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  • What are the cottage food regulations?

  • Cottage food regulations or even cottage food acts are the rules, regulations but more importantly鈥?the legal 鈥?LOOPHOLES so that about anyone with a kitchen in their home can legally cook, bake and or prepare foods and sell it to the general public.

  • Is cottage food legal in Wisconsin?

  • Wisconsin is also now one of a handful of states that has no law allowing cottage food operations (and doesn鈥檛 need one). However, a bill may be passed in the future (like 2017 SB 271), which would clarify (and probably slightly restrict) the current allowances.

  • What is a cottage food?

  • Cottage food are the foods, deserts, breads, jams, jellies among others 鈥?that you can legally cook, bake and prepare from your kitchen and then sell to the general public. Cottage foods (in most states) include:

  • What are the laws for cottage food producers in Rhode Island?

  • Rhode Island restricts cottage food producers to 鈥渇armers who are conducting on-farm processing.鈥?If you are looking to, for example, start making and selling your famous cookies, your states cottage food law (provided it has one) will give you the do鈥檚 and don鈥檛s.