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what do you learn in law school

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Every law school supplements this basic curriculum with additional courses,such as international law,environmental law,conflict of laws,labor law,criminal procedure,and jurisprudence,and many law schools include clinical (experiential) opportunities as well.

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  • What courses will I take to become a lawyer?

  • Most students will take foundation courses in administrative law, civil litigation, commercial law, corporations, evidence, family law, professional responsibility, taxation, and wills and trusts before completing their degree.

  • What are the most important skills to learn in law school?

  • Law School – Skills for Law School. Participation in group projects or leadership positions in student groups will help you develop critical communication skills, including the often overlooked skill of listening. Think Critically and Analytically. As a law student, you will have to evaluate the arguments of your peers,…

  • Are the courses I take in law school predetermined?

  • The courses most law students take in their first year of law school are predetermined. This is to make sure that you understand the backbone of our legal system before you explore more specific subject areas. After your first year, you’ll be able to choose your focus area for the remainder of the program.

  • How is law school taught in law school?

  • Law school is taught using the Case Method in combination with the Socratic Method. The Case Method involves significant reading and preparation for class. Expect to spend several hours each evening reading cases (appellate-level judicial opinions).