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is it against the law to deny someone the bathroom

is it against the law to deny someone the bathroom插图

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  • Are You being denied the right to use the bathroom?

  • Using the bathroom is something that we all gotta do. In fact, it is a basic human need like eating, breathing and sleeping that keeps us alive and healthy. Yet, how many times in school have you been forced to hold it? It is very common for kids in school to be denied the right to use the bathroom.

  • Can a teacher deny a student a bathroom break?

  • It is not likely to result in a large settlement, but you can have a shot at changing the policy. The very situation when a teacher can deny a student’s request for a bathroom break is unacceptable because it is against basic human dignity. Perhaps, it is time for the school system to hear this from the court of law.

  • Is it legal to take a break in the bathroom?

  • It鈥檚 almost certainly legal unless you have a medical condition that necessitates the bathroom breaks. But the question should really be whether this is sensible or reasonable, not just legal, and the answer to that is a resounding no.

  • Is it illegal to deny a child a restroom visit?

  • If it is illegal to deny a child in school a visit to the restroom if the student really needs to go, surely the same would be for adults in the workplace. The lady mentioned being treated like she was in elementary school.