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what do the duggar son in laws do

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A source close to Duggars

19 Kids and Counting

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How does Jim Bob Duggar control the Duggars finances?

After all, Jim Bob famously made the men courting his daughters fill out a lengthy questionnaire that included a division pertaining to the men’s personal finances (per the Daily Mail ). If Dereck Dillard is to be believed, Jim Bob Duggar tightly controls everything from the family’s finances to it’s reputation.

Did Josh Duggar’s conviction screw his campaign?

Jim Bob Duggar Josh Conviction Screws His Campaign … Says Son-in-Law Derick Jim Bob Duggar ‘s likelihood of winning a state senate race in Arkansas just went down, drastically, due to his son’s conviction … this according to another member of the Duggar fam.

What did Derick Dillard accuse Jim Bob Duggar of?

Derick Dillard continued his social media bombing of Jim Bob Duggar when he accused the patriarch of shutting his own daughter out of the family.

What happened to Josh Duggar on 19 Kids and counting?

Jim Bob, Anna and Josh Duggar are seen in a 2014 episode of “19 Kids and Counting.” After the scandal broke, Josh issued an apology and resigned from his post at the Family Research Council, a Washington-based Christian lobbying group.