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how to deal with a difficult brother in law

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  • How do you deal with difficult in-laws?

  • Often, it takes a dose of reality from their son or brother, rather than you, to get difficult in-laws to back off. If he refuses to stand up for you and simply tells you to try to work it out, you have two options: Stand up for yourself or limit contact with the in-law.

  • How do you deal with an abusive brother?

  • You can choose to avoid an abusive sibling and meet only at family gatherings. 鈥淵ou do what you would do in any other abusive relationship,鈥?says Goldenthal. 鈥淭ell him you can鈥檛 spend time with him if he talks to you that way. Don鈥檛 invite him over.

  • How do I deal with a difficult sister-in-law?

  • Set clear limits, making a schedule that’s realistic and acceptable to you and your husband. And stick to it. It’s one problem after another with your sister-in-law, and she constantly comes to you and your husband for help. Tell her, I’m sorry, but we can’t fix this for you.

  • How do you deal with a difficult family member?

  • Don鈥檛 try to fix the difficult person. Accept them exactly as they are. (This applies to all difficult people, not just family.) It鈥檚 tempting to try to help someone you want to care about; you probably will make some efforts to help them. Sometimes it works, but often your efforts will not be rewarded.