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what do you do with a law degree

Why is it important to be a good recruiter?

A good recruiter can help turn careers around. If you started studying Law because you wanted to change people’s lives, a good recruitment agent can do much the same thing – after all, for most people how much they enjoy their job makes a huge amount of difference to their general happiness in life.

Why is HR important?

An effective HR department is crucial to to workplace satisfaction. You can put those hours spent studying employment law to good use if you decide to work in human resources (HR) or the related field of labour relations, which is about managing the relationship a company has with trade unions.

Do law graduates go into politics?

Lots of Law graduates go into politics, whether that’s as elected officials or in the array of roles supporting politicians, such as election agents. They are the people responsible for ensuring a political campaign doesn’t break the law, and it’s obvious why a Law graduate might be particularly well-suited to the role.

Do recruitment agents work on commission?

It’s the art of matching people to jobs, and jobs to people, and it takes both organisation and finely-honed people skills. Recruitment agents typically work on commission, so this is a good option if you want to know that you’ll be directly rewarded for the hard work you put in.

Is a law degree restrictive?

It’s clear that a Law degree is not restrictive in the least ; in fact, it’s more versatile than many other humanities degrees. So if you’re interested in Law but not sure you want to be a lawyer, you can be confident that there is a whole range of exciting jobs available to you.

Do I need a degree to become a police officer?

Though a degree isn’t currently required in order to join the police, an increasing number of police officers are Law graduates. If the idea of becoming a uniformed police officer doesn’t appeal to you, there are other careers in law enforcement that you might wish to consider.

Is law enforcement a good career?

Law enforcement. Law enforcement can be a tough yet rewarding career path. If Law school has only made you feel more passionate about seeing the law upheld, perhaps a move into law enforcement could be a good next step.

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