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what document is considered the supreme law of the land

The conservative ‘Counting On’ dad butts heads with his son-in-law over religion

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Where Jim Bob draws the line

While Pantsgate might have been enough to get under the Duggar patriarch’s skin, he seems to play mostly nice with Jeremy Vuolo. But when it comes to Ben Seewald, there may be much more behind the dad of 19’s big smile.

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what is a complaint in law

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Complaint,in law,the plaintiff鈥檚 initial pleading,corresponding to the libel in admiralty,the bill in equity,and the claim in civil law.

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  • What is a 鈥渃omplaint鈥?in a criminal case?

  • Complaint has a particular meaning in the criminal justice process. An arrest, by itself, doesn鈥檛 begin formal criminal proceedings. Rather, the filing of a document in court is required. In most instances in state court, the document is a 鈥渃omplaint.鈥? Complaints can be either civil or criminal.

  • What is the difference between a lawsuit and a complaint?

  • By definition, lawsuit refers to the legal process (that is, the court case) by which a court of law makes a decision on an alleged wrong (as exhibited in the statement a complex lawsuit that may take years to resolve), whereas complaint refers to the initial document, or pleading,…

  • What should be included in a legal complaint?

  • Generally a complaint contains a caption, listing the court that it is being filed with; the names of the plaintiff and defendant; the case number; and the judge to whom the case is assigned. The document will usually also include, in its header section, the title 鈥淐omplaint鈥?so that the reader will immediately know what kind of document it is.

  • Do you have to serve a complaint on the defendant?

  • Complaints must be served on defendants. This lets defendants know that they are being sued and why. See Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, particularly Rules 3, 7, 8, and 10. Although some state courts model their pleading rules on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, other states use very different rules.