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what countries require animal testing by law

Why are innovative skincare companies important?

Innovative skincare companies are an example of this because many are using new ingredients and new formulations that have not yet been proven safe. When the animal testing is required by law this testing is often not done by the brand itself but by a 3rd party company or local governments.

What does "required by law" mean?

Required by law animal testing means that the brand is allowing animal testing to occur on their products due to various laws and regulations around the globe. These laws may apply to ingredients, formulations, or finished products. They could also happen pre-market (before the products are available to consumers) or post-market …

Does Logical Harmony test on animals?

There are many brands out there who say that they are cruelty-free and do not test on animals, except as required by law. One of the most common questions that Logical Harmony receives from readers has to do with this statement.

Is animal testing required in some areas?

Due to certain local laws and regulations , animal testing is required in some areas.

Can you import animal testing to China?

There are some cases where items can be imported into China in a way that avoids animal testing. Some examples are by selling only direct to consumers through e-commerce or selling only in Hong Kong. This does often cost the brands more money to do, but many do not mind paying extra to stay cruelty-free.

Can you test cosmetics on animals?

But the ban does not extend to ingredients that are commonly found in both household items and cosmetics. These ingredients can still be tested on animals. In the US, the FDA and EPA also require animal testing on some chemicals that are found in both household and cosmetic items.

Does the EU require animal testing?

The EU and FDA only require animal testing on new ingredients. However, what the ban on animal testing in the EU does not cover are ingredients used in household items. Many ingredients found in household items, for example, iron oxides, glycerin, mineral oil and more, are also found in cosmetics. Brands that sell in the EU can still test …

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