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what are some laws in egypt

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There were many laws in Egypt, as there were many Ancient Egyptian Punishments punishments for breaking a law. One of the punishments was one hundred strokes of a cane, and if the crime was worse, five bleeding cuts were added. Other punishments includedbranding, exile, mutilation, drowning, beheading, and burning alive.

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  • What was the legal system like in ancient Egypt?

  • Egyptian law. In a legal proceeding, the plaintiff was required to bring suit. The tribunal then ordered the defendant to appear in court if a point of law seemed to be involved in the dispute. Scribes employed in the legal system supplied procedural information; the parties were not represented by legal advocates.

  • What are the legal texts of Egypt?

  • As in other civil law legal systems, government law in Egypt is considered to be embodied in legal texts, such as codes and statutes. That might sound like an unremarkable statement, but it has considerable importance in appreciating how central, even essential, legal texts are to the Egyptian concept of law and the rule of law.

  • When did Egyptian law start and end?

  • Written By: Egyptian law, the law that originated with the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under King Menes (c. 2925 bc) and grew and developed until the Roman occupation of Egypt (30 bc).

  • What are the laws of international trade in Egypt?

  • The two basic laws governing international trade activity in Egypt are the Customs Tariff Law No. 66 of 1963 and the Import Export Regulations Law No. 118 of 1975. The most important reference material for trade is found in these two laws and their amendments.