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why is the theory of evolution not a law

why is the theory of evolution not a law插图

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Answer Expert Verified. The theory of evolution is a theory and not a law becauseit predicts an organisms ability to adapt to its environment. A theory explains how and why something happens and has sufficient evidence to back it up. A law is true 100% of the time and can be applied universally.

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  • How can the theory of evolution be expressed as a law?

  • The theory of evolution can be expressed as a simple mathematical statement. The theory of evolution explains the existence of diverse forms of life on Earth. Additional evidence will change the theory of evolution into a law.

  • What is the difference between a theory and a law?

  • A theory is an explanation which is backed by a considerable body of evidence, while a law is a set of regularities expressed in a mathematical statement. This is why Newton’s Laws of Motion are referred to as laws and not theories.

  • Can evolution be rejected by any possible observations?

  • Finally, evolutionist Paul Ehrlich concedes that the theory of evolution 鈥渃annot be refuted by any possible observations鈥?and thus is 鈥渙utside of empirical science.鈥?We do not need a listing of the evidences to demonstrate the fact of evolution any more than we need to demonstrate the existence of mountain ranges.

  • Why is a scientific law better than a scientific theory?

  • A scientific law is not better or more accurate than a scientific theory. A law explains what will happen under certain circumstances, while a theory explains how it happens.