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what is an heir at law

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An heir-at-law is anyone who’s entitled to inherit from someone who dies without leaving a last will and testament or other estate plans. This status can be an important factor not only in settling an estate but in determining who might be entitled to challenge or contest a will when the deceased does leave one.

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  • Who are heirs at law?

  • Heirs at law are those folks who would inherit your property in the event you died without a will, which is called intestacy.1 It is critically important to determine who the heirs at law are, even for people not subject to the laws of intestacy (i.e., folks who have a will) for two big reasons. Heirs at law must be notified of the probate process.

  • Can a daughter be an heir at law?

  • Specifically that section provides: Heirs or heirs at law means those persons, including the surviving spouse, who are entitled under the statutes of intestate succession to the property of a decedent. The court did not elaborate on why the daughter would not be an heir at law. Notice to caveators prior to will’s admission to probate

  • What are the rules for heirs-at-law inheritance?

  • The rules are established individually by each state so they can differ a little. Most states’ laws are very similar, however. Heirs-at-law and their rights to inherit are typically decided in an order called intestate succession. The more closely related you are to a decedent, the more likely it becomes that you are an heir-at-law. 1 锘?/div>The Rights of Heirs-at-Law

  • What is a collateral heir at law?

  • These people are considered collateral heirs because they would only inherit if no more immediate relatives are living. 4 锘?When it appears that someone has died without any known heirs-at-law, some states require that a special notice be run in the newspaper, alerting individuals to come forward if they believe they are related to the decedent.