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what is godwin’s law

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Godwin’s law, also known asGodwin’s rule of Hitler analogies, is a statement maintaining that if any online discussion continues long enough, someone will almost certainly compare someone else to Hitler.

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  • What is Godwin’s law in sociology?

  • Godwin’s Law asserts that the probability of Hitler or Nazi references in conversation grows according to the length of a dialogue or debate. This sort of social rule theory can be part of an analysis of new technology venues for discussion, such as messaging platforms, forums and other digital spaces.

  • What is Godwin’s law of Usenet?

  • Godwin originally developed the idea in 1990 as 鈥渁 natural law of Usenet, expressed in the following statement: 鈥淎s an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1. (A probability of 1 is a certainty.)

  • Why does Godwin’s law invalidate food?

  • The move is seen as a sign of desperation or intellectual laziness, as one could 鈥渋nvalidate鈥?food because if Hitler ate food and Hitler was genocidist, then food can鈥檛 be good. Godwin鈥檚 law was created by, and named for, attorney Mike Godwin.

  • Is Godwin’s law relevant in the current political climate?

  • According to Google Trends, lookups of the phrase peaked around the 2008 and 2016 US presidential elections, perhaps due to all the political arguments (and if Godwin鈥檚 right, Hitler comparisons) taking place online. But in our current political climate, Godwin’s Law starts to sound quaint.