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are bees protected by law uk

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Although bees don鈥檛 have legal protection in the UKit is Rentokil policy to protect them as far as possible. All our technicians are trained to identify the many different species of wasps and bees. Because our technicians operate locally they work with local beekeepers who are usually happy to adopt the bees and remove them from the site.

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  • Are honeybees protected in the UK?

  • Honeybees are not a legally protected species in the UK. In fact none of the 250 odd species of bee that live in the UK are. That means it is especially important to know our bees and do our best to protect them anyway. Honeybees and other bee species are critical to the pollination of plants.

  • Is the legal protection of bees being misunderstood?

  • The status of the legal protection of bees seems to be well on the way to being misunderstood early this century. In an effort to see how far back the Internet traces the story we need to go waaaaay back and search USENET archives.

  • Is it legal to kill bees with insecticide?

  • Furthermore these fines will be placed against both the property owner and the person that carried our the poisoning. Honey bees are not a legally protected species, so a honey bee colony or honey bee nest can be destroyed using insecticide; however this does not mean that a colony can just be killed using a can of insecticide.

  • How to get rid of honey bees in the UK?

  • The importance of proofing the area properly post honey bee cut-out cannot be over emphasised. Another way to get rid of honey bees is to utilise a trap-out, this is not such a common form of honey bee removal in the UK but can be very effective when used in appropriate scenarios.