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how ignorance of the law can be costly

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  • What does the law say about ignorance of the law?

  • The rule 鈥渋gnorance of the law is no excuse鈥?really means that people can鈥檛 defend their actions by claiming they didn鈥檛 know the law. It would be too easy for people to break a contract, ignore a neighbour鈥檚 right to privacy or sell drugs if they could get away with it by arguing they didn鈥檛 know it was against the law.

  • Can ignorance become a defense to a criminal offense?

  • By violating laws that are brand new and not widely known yet, the individual may use this in the courts to get out of tickets or other minor offenses. Ignorance can become and remain a valid defense until the law is no longer new and most citizens are aware of the changes.

  • What are some examples of ignorance of law in India?

  • Take another example. In India hunting of a Wild Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) is an offence as per section 9 of the Wild life Protection Act 1972. If a person, who is ignorant of section 9 of the Wild life protection Act, shoots a wild Buffalo thinking that it is a domestic buffalo he is said to be acting in ignorance of law as well as of a fact.

  • Can ignorance of fact be an excuse?

  • It may be noted that ignorance of fact can be an excuse but not that of law. To quote an instance, if a legal heir on whom the estate falls is ignorant of the death of his ancestor, he is ignorant of a fact.