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when did informed consent become law

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  • What is the origin of the law of informed consent?

  • [The origin of informed consent] The principle of informed consent, aimed at the lawfulness of health assistance, tends to reflect the concept of autonomy and of decisional autodetermination of the person requiring and requesting medical and/or surgical interventions. This legal formula, over the last few years, has gained not only 鈥?/div>[The origin of informed consent]

  • Is informed consent morally and policy-oriented?

  • The commission argued that although informed consent has emerged primarily from a history in law, its requirements are essentially moral and policy-oriented.

  • How did physicians react to informed consent in the 1950s and 1960s?

  • How physicians reacted to these legal developments in the 1950s and 1960s is not well documented, but a handful of empirical studies of informed consent in clinical medicine provides some insights. A study done in the early to mid-1960s indicates that a preoperative consent form was not yet a ubiquitous feature of the practice of surgery.

  • What does the AMA’s statement on informed consent mean?

  • The AMA’s statement is a testament to the impact of the law of informed consent on medical ethics: The AMA’s position closely followed the language of Canterbury v. Spence (Judicial Council, 1981).