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can a daughter in law inherit

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Legally, the daughter-in-law hasNO inheritance rights, since it鈥檚 not HER mother who died. Her child, however, might have some if the MIL died without a Will. It鈥檚 entirely up to your MIL 鈥?you have no automatic right. She can choose to leave her property to whoever she chooses.

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  • Can a daughter inherit her father鈥檚 property?

  • By virtue of the Amendment of Hindu Succession Act of 2005, daughters have equal rights as a son to inherit her father鈥檚 property provided no partition should have been affected before the date 20.12.2004, i.e., the date when this Amendment Act was introduced in the Parliament. When grandfather dies, who has the right to inherit the property?

  • Can a son in law disinherit a grandchild?

  • Grandchildren from a child鈥檚 first marriage could be disinherited by a son- or daughter-in-law from a second marriage. Grandchildren could effectively be disinherited if a son- or daughter-in-law receives part of the inheritance and squanders it through misuse or poor money management.

  • Should I put my daughter鈥檚 inheritance in a will trust?

  • If you do decide to use a will trust to protect your daughter鈥檚 inheritance, you should take appropriate advice from a specialist solicitor who is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. Some links in this article may be affiliate links. If you click on them we may earn a small commission.

  • Can a child inherit without a bloodline Trust?

  • Without a Bloodline Trust, a number of circumstances can put a child鈥檚 inheritance at risk. The inheritance can be squandered by the son- or daughter-in-law. If the inheritance is commingled with the assets of a son- or daughter-in-law during marriage, in a divorce it will be subject to equitable distribution.