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  • Who is Jude Law?

  • Jude Law is a well-known English actor who started his career in 1987 at the National Youth Music Theatre. For a role in the tragicomedy Les Parents Terribles he was nominated for Laurence Olivier Award. Law鈥檚 first appearance was in the film The Tailor of Gloucester, in 1989.

  • Does Jude Law have teeth in contagion?

  • But the true star of the movie is neither an actor nor a virus, but Jude Law鈥檚 teeth. We鈥檙e quite accustomed to Law鈥檚 strikingly handsome visage. So his distinctive look in Contagion is quite striking and, once again, the talk of the town. What Happened to Jude Law鈥檚 Teeth in Contagion?

  • What movies and TV shows has Jude Law been in?

  • He received nominations for the Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, and BAFTA award for a role in Cold Mountain. Law stepped in many films and TV series such as The Washington Post, The Holiday, Captain Marvel, The New Pope.

  • Does Jude Law鈥檚 hairline change?

  • No, it鈥檚 actor Jude Law鈥檚 ever-changing hairline. The actor鈥檚 magically disappearing and reappearing hair has been subject to public discussion ever since he shot to fame in the late 1990s. With this new role as a young Albus Dumbledore, discussions of Law鈥檚 looks have reached a fever pitch.