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can son in law be mahram

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A.Your son-in-law is considered aMahram (non-stranger) to you and your mother. Hence, you and your mother may travel for Umrah with your son-in-law as your Mahram. (Majmaul-Anhur 1/323)

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  • Is the father in law a mahram in Islam?

  • ASSALAAM ALAIKUM. The father inlaw will be regarded as mahram bil hukmi, meaning he is mahram by virtue of the nikaah made by his son. Therefor, the following strict rulings would apply. 1: father inlaw should never sit alone with his daughter inlaw.EITHER the son /husband/ own daughter / mother inlaw ( his wife) should be present.

  • Who is a woman鈥檚 mahram?

  • A woman鈥檚 mahrams by marriage are those whom it is forever forbidden to marry, such as the father鈥檚 wife, the son鈥檚 wife or the wife鈥檚 mother. (Sharh al-Muntahaa, 3/7). The mahram by marriage of the father鈥檚 wife is his son from another wife, for the wife of the son it is his father, and for the mother of the wife it is the husband.

  • Are maternal and paternal uncles mahrams?

  • Al-Qurtubi said, 鈥淭he majority of scholars held that the maternal and paternal uncles of a woman are like other Mahrams in that they are allowed to see of the woman what is permissible for them to see.鈥?Is the daughter鈥檚 husband a Mahram for her mother?

  • Can a woman have mahrams through Radaa鈥橝h?

  • A woman may have mahrams through radaa鈥檃h. It says in Tafseer al-Aloosi: 鈥淭he relationship of mahram which permits a woman to show her adornments may be through radaa鈥檃h as well as through blood ties, so it is permissible for a woman to show her adornments to those who are her fathers or sons through radaa鈥檃h.鈥?/div>Who are the mahrams in front of whom a woman can uncover