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what is trump’s net neutrality law

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  • What is net neutrality law?

  • Net Neutrality Law: An Overview While there is general support for the basic concept of the open internet, net neutrality has been a perennially difficult subject for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission). The complexity lies, in part, in the fact that the FCC鈥檚 ability to adopt net neutrality rules

  • Did Trump overturn Obama’s net neutrality rules?

  • Obama’s FCC passed net neutrality laws in 2015, and the courts upheld them in 2016. However, this would be a short-lived victory for the movement. As he did with pretty much every single Obama-era policy, Trump overturned the FCC’s rules.

  • What can we do about the FCC’s net neutrality proposal?

  • There’s not much we can do. On Wednesday, President Donald Trump’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Ajit Pai proposed a plan that could change the internet as we know it. The plan would eliminate the right to equal access to the internet, a principle called net neutrality.

  • Is net neutrality still a concern in 2021?

  • It is still a concern and is something we as a society need to pay attention to. So, in case your attention has been elsewhere (and we wouldn’t blame you if it was), here’s where we stand in the world of net neutrality in 2021: What is Net Neutrality?