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  • Why build next instead of going to legal counsel?

  • Foregoing legal counsel puts a startup at risk, while unexpected high legal bills make it extremely hard to plan for growth and manage a budget. In building NEXT we believed there had to be a better way.鈥?/div>NEXT – Law Firm for Startups and Emerging Growth Companies

  • Why choose next for Your Startup legal services?

  • 鈥淎s a first-time entrepreneur, I found NEXT to be a great value not only for the startup legal services I needed but for the connections to the business service providers and other ecosystem partners, too.鈥?/div>NEXT – Law Firm for Startups and Emerging Growth Companies

  • Will defection affect the remaining firms in the Am Law 200?

  • And if it鈥檚 a relatively standalone group, it鈥檚 often less of an issue for the remaining firm, said Fairfax Associates’ Lisa Smith. This week’s 43-lawyer defection from Stroock Stroock Lavan results in a 17% drop in head count for the Am Law 200 firm.

  • Why do business with next?

  • 鈥淚t is easy to do business with NEXT 鈥?I know my legal costs upfront 鈥?and get to work directly with senior attorneys. NEXT eliminates the sticker shock of high-priced legal services but delivers a hands-on high touch service.鈥?/div>NEXT – Law Firm for Startups and Emerging Growth Companies