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does norway have gun laws

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Norway has some of the strictest gun control lawsaround today. It is only possible to obtain permission to own a weapon by having officially documented a use for the gun with the local police and taken extensive training relevant to the intended use of the weapon. Generally, this falls into two categories: hunting and sports shooting.

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  • Are handguns allowed in Norway?

  • Handguns can also be found in Norway, generally used by competitive and sports shooters that belong to gun clubs. Fully automatic weapons, some semiautomatic weapons, and firearms disguised as other objects are banned under the law.

  • Is Norway a gun-free country?

  • Though Norway ranked tenth worldwide in gun ownership, according to the Small Arms Survey, it placed near the bottom in gun homicide rates. (The U.S. rate is roughly sixty-four times higher.) Most Norwegian police, like the British, do not carry firearms.

  • Is Norway going to ban semi-automatic firearms?

  • Norway plans to ban semi-automatic firearms as of 2021. The ban would require current owners of semi-automatic weapons to hand them over to the government, as well as prohibiting future sales. It is estimated that this law change will affect some 2,000 gun-owners in the country of 5.3 million inhabitants.

  • How do I get a gun license in Norway?

  • After six months, the applicant may apply for weapon ownership. The license and a written recommendation from the gun club president are brought to the police station, and the type of competition class is filled out on the application. Because of the laws and the culture of firearms, there is a fairly limited variety of guns in Norway.