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why did chris noth leave law and order

why did chris noth leave law and order插图

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Issues of money

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  • Why did Chris Noth leave’Law&Order’?

  • But before Noth gave us Mr. Big, he was serving up some moody, New York City sass in none other than Law Order as Detective Mike Logan, but he ended up leaving the series. We’ve got the reason. Chris Noth starred on NBC’s Law Order from 1990 until 1995.

  • Who did Chris Noth play in law and Order Criminal Intent?

  • Chris Noth is an actor who played Detective Mike Logan in Law Order and Law Order: Criminal Intent. Noth made his first appearance in the pilot episode Prescription for Death (he also appeared in the original pilot Everybody’s Favorite Bagman in 1988). He was fired from the show after the fifth season.

  • What happened to the first actor to leave Law&Order?

  • To quote the Law Order intro voiceover, these are their stories… The first actor to leave Law Order was George Dzundza, who made his exit in 1991 after just one season of playing Sergeant Max Greevey, the seasoned detective partner of Chris Noth’s Mike Logan.

  • Why did Noth leave Law&Order SVU?

  • He played Detective Mike Logan, and we know from hindsight that Law Order has been a massive success and has had an astounding longevity, so why did Noth leave? It actually came down to issues of money.