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can police enforce traffic laws in parking lots

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Police can only enforce 鈥渟erious traffic offenses鈥?/strong>in parking lots and private roads. That means drivers are unlikely to get a ticket if they run a stop sign in a parking lot. (APRIL GAMIZ / THE MORNING CALL)

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  • Can the police enforce traffic violations in a parking lot?

  • Police can enforce some traffic violations in parking lots. Staff The Bellingham Herald Question: Can the police ticket you for not stopping at a stop sign, speeding or other such traffic violations while driving on a privately owned roadway such as a parking lot?

  • Can a police officer enforce traffic laws on private property?

  • Pretty much, if you can drive on it and it was built with taxpayer money, it鈥檚 a highway. That means officers can enforce all traffic laws on everything from a busy arterial to a quiet neighborhood street, but not on private property. Before anyone gets any ideas, this isn鈥檛 a free pass to drive like a madman (or woman) in the mall parking lot.

  • Is a stop sign enforceable in a parking lot?

  • But the Uniform Traffic Code allows a property owner to request police enforcement of traffic laws in a parking lot or private road. The relevant section of the code reads as follows: So it’s possible the stop sign you rolled through over the weekend was enforceable if such an agreement is in place.

  • Do parking authorities have the power to enforce parking laws?

  • The statutes granting powers to parking authorities permit them to operate and maintain off-street parking and to collect and receive all the money from on-street parking meters. They do not appear to grant the power to enforce any other parking violation besides metered parking and permit violations.