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when was the asylum law passed

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  • Was the 鈥渓aw to separate families鈥?passed in 1997?

  • Claims that the 鈥渓aw to separate families鈥?was passed in 1997, those claims originated with a February 2018 Department of Homeland Security statement referencing 鈥?[l]egal loopholes [that] are exploited by minors, family units, and human smugglers.鈥?/div>Was the ‘Law to Separate Families’ Passed in 1997 or ‘by

  • Is the asylum system confusing for people welcomed into the country?

  • But even for people welcomed into the country, the system of asylum can be confusing. Commentator Cokie Roberts has the answers to some of your questions about asylum rules. I talked to her earlier this week.

  • How long do refugees and asylum seekers wait for medical treatment?

  • Some refugees and asylum seekers waited as long as five years for recommended medical treatment; severe health concerns for the refugees and asylum seekers held offshore have been well documented.

  • Can diplomatic asylum protect refugees from legal proceedings?

  • The court held that 鈥?Protection from the operation of regular legal proceedings 鈥?was not justified under diplomatic asylum. The court held: 鈥?In the case of diplomatic asylum the refugee is within the territory of the State. A decision to grant diplomatic asylum involves a derogation from the sovereignty of that State.