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can a petition change a law

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  • What is the difference between a citizen petition and a law?

  • Laws may even be enacted or repealed via citizen petition. While a legal petition is used in specific circumstances such as a request that a court of law take action, a citizen petition has a broader application because anyone can file one or comment on one that has been filed.

  • How do you petition the government in the UK?

  • Petition Parliament and the government. Create or sign a petition that asks for a change to the law or to government policy. After 10,000 signatures, petitions get a response from the government. After 100,000 signatures, petitions are considered for debate in Parliament. You must be a British citizen or a UK resident to create or sign a petition.

  • What is the purpose of the petition process?

  • The petition process lets citizens skip their state legislature and place proposed laws on the ballot. In 1898, South Dakota was the first state to adopt the process. Since then, many other states have included petition, initiative and referendum processes in their constitutions.

  • What is the right to petition the government called?

  • In the US, the right to petition the government is included in the First Amendment, part of the Bill of Rights. A citizen petition is a formal document that requests that a government agency or private business change, amend, or retain the policy of concern to the petitioner (s).