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what kinds of laws were passed to control the plague

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  • What laws were used to control the slaves?

  • There were several laws used to control the slaves. The plantation owners believed the slaves needed to be controlled to prevent rebellion. Rebellion was a constant fear the slave owners faced. As a result, laws, called the slave codes, were passed. The slave codes restricted what the slaves were able…

  • Who made the orders for the prevention of the plague?

  • These are the orders for the prevention of the plague, made by the King in 1666. How do orders 6, 7 and 8 aim to prevent the plague? How long were infected houses shut up for?

  • How did people deal with the bubonic plague?

  • The poorest people remained in London with the rats and those people who had the plague. Watchmen locked and kept guard over infected houses. Parish officials provided food. Searchers looked for dead bodies and took them at night to plague pits for burial.

  • What would have happened if the plague did not kill the rats?

  • If the rats did not die, their fleas would not need to find a human host and fewer people would be infected. Probably, people started to develop a stronger immunity to the disease. Also, in plague scares after 1666, more effective quarantine methods were used for ships coming into the country.