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what law did homer plessy violate

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  • When did Homer Plessy violate the Separate Car Act?

  • The case entered the judiciary when in 1892 when Homer Plessy, an octoroon (person of seven-eighths white and one-eighth black ancestry) resident of New Orleans, deliberately violated Louisiana鈥檚 Separate Car Act of 1890. What argument did Plessy make about the Separate Car Act?

  • What did Homer Plessy argue in his case?

  • In 1892, Homer Plessy, seven-eighths white, seated himself in the whites-only car and was arrested. He argued that Louisiana鈥檚 segregation law violated the 13th Amendment banning of slavery and the 14th Amendment鈥檚 Equal Protection Clause. Are there any photos of Homer Plessy?

  • Why was James Plessy arrested and jailed?

  • He was arrested and jailed in 1892 for sitting in a Louisiana railroad car designated for white people only. Plessy had purposely violated an 1890 state law, called the Separate Car law, which required that passengers on Louisiana trains be segregated by race.

  • What was the issue in Plessy v Ferguson?

  • At the heart of the case that became Plessy v. 鈥?Convicted by a New Orleans court of violating the 1890 law, Plessy filed a petition against the presiding judge, Hon. John H. Ferguson, claiming that the law violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.