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what are the sources of law in png

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  • What are the different types of Laws in PNG?

  • Constitution This is the Supreme Law of the Country- put simply, it is the Mama Lo. It provides for all the rights of every individual living in PNG. It also gives authority for other laws to be made that guide everyone. Legislation These are laws that are passed by Parlia- ment. They are also known as statutes and/ or Acts of Parliament.

  • What do you need to know about the Constitution of PNG?

  • The Constitution of Papua New Guinea: Knowing Your Basic Rights The PNG Constitution is the highest law in the country. Parliament must ensure that all other laws are consistent with the Constitution. This means that other laws or customary practices cannot take away rights given by the Constitution.

  • What is a PNG human rights lawyer?

  • Introduction to Human Rights Law – PNG 鈥?any other person or body who has sufficient interest in the protection and enforcement of human rights as approved by the court. Basic Rights are: No one can be forced to do anything that is not required by law.

  • What is the law on sorcery in Papua New Guinea?

  • The PNG Government has also amended the Criminal Code in 2013 to give harsher penalties to those who are accused of inciting or causing sorcery related violence.