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what are the four spiritual laws of prosperity

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  • What are the four laws of prosperity?

  • Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity You must tithe 10 percent of all that you receive to the person, place or institution where you have received your spiritual food. You must set clear-cut goals. You must forgive everyone all the time, especially yourself. You must seek, discover and follow your divine

  • What are edwene鈥檚 4 spiritual laws?

  • Edwene diligently and faithfully follows the four spiritual laws of tithing, goal-setting, forgiveness, and finding and fulfilling our divine purpose. She guarantees that following these principles will change your life 鈥?that you can turn a life of deprivation and want into one of abundance and freedom.

  • What does edwene Gaines say about prosperity?

  • Edwene Gaines: Prosperity A vitally alive physical body to provide a comfortable worldly home for the spiritual being I am. Relationships that are satisfying, nurturing, honest and work all the time. Work that I love so much that it鈥檚 not work, it鈥檚 play And all the moneyI can spend 6 Fillmore: Prosperity

  • What is the 3rd day prayer for Prosperity?

  • 3 Renewing Prayer Father Mother God, I invite the Holy Spirit to take charge of my journey to prosperity. I let go of all that has gone before and I now begin anew. I am free and forgiven for all the mistakes I have made in the past. I open myself now to expressing a brand new magni铿乧ence.