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how to get around raffle laws

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  • Are there any legal considerations for running a legal raffle?

  • Due to raffles鈥?proximity to gambling, however, state governments enforce several raffle rules and regulations to prevent abuse. While we don鈥檛 provide legal advice, we鈥檝e summarized the most common considerations for running a legal raffle. Please consult a lawyer for your specific location and prize drawing. Too Much Red Tape?

  • What are the rules for holding raffles in Florida?

  • Florida, like most states, has strict rules about conducting raffles which fall under the state’s gaming laws. Only charitable, nonprofit organizations with current tax exemption status from the Internal Revenue Service can hold raffles in Florida.

  • What do you need to run an online raffle in the UK?

  • Online Raffle Laws UK You may also need a remote gambling licence. They are for organisers of a lottery by means of remote electronic communication. As a rule, participants in this type of online raffle use the Internet or a telephone.

  • Are Raffles legal in New Hampshire?

  • For example, a raffle is a type of lottery that is illegal in most cases in New Hampshire. When a person purchases a ticket (consideration) for a chance to win a prize in a random drawing, it is considered a raffle. New Hampshire is one of a few states that exempts non-profits from the prohibitions against raffles.