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what is ratio in law

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The reason for the decision.

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  • What is meant by ratio of case law?

  • The principle or principles of law on which the court reaches its decision. The ratio of the case has to be deduced from its facts, the reasons the court gave for reaching its decision, and the decision itself. It is said to be the statement of law applied to the material facts.

  • Why is the ratio important in law?

  • Where ratio plays into both of these situations is that it helps form the basis for the decisions in either case. Therefore, in cases where binding precedent exists, courts would do well to pay particular attention to the ratio in these cases.

  • What is ratio?

  • Literally the rationale for the decision. The essential elements of a judgment which create binding precedent, and must therefore be followed by inferior courts, unlike obiter dicta, which do not possess binding authority. Also known as ratio.

  • What is ratio decidendi in law?

  • Ratio decidendi refers to the legal, moral, political and social principles on which a court鈥檚 decision rests. It is the rationale for reaching the decision of a case. It is binding on lower courts through the principle of Stare decisis. Ratio decidendi is a helpful tool for a lawyer.