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are dental x rays required by law

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Althoughthere is no law requiring X-raysfor patients seeking a dental cleaning, a state regulation requires a dentist to conduct an oral exam before a cleaning.

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  • Do You need annual dental X-rays?

  • The dental profession, however, says otherwise. Annual preventive X-rays, called bitewings, for healthy dental patients are not necessary. Adult dentate patients, who receive regularly scheduled professional care and are free of signs and symptoms of oral disease, are at a low risk for dental caries, otherwise known as tooth decay.

  • Can I refuse dental X-rays?

  • While dental patients have the right to refuse X-rays, the dentists also have the right to set a policy in their office dictating how often they take them for diagnostic purposes.

  • Are dental X-rays safe?

  • 鈥淢rs. Jones, the truth is that dental X-rays are quite safe. The amount of radiation is extremely small due to the fast-speed film (or digital technology) we use.

  • What kind of X-rays does the dentist take during an appointment?

  • The x-rays your dentist takes during your appointment may vary depending on the purpose of your visit. There are two types of x-rays; therapeutic and diagnostic. Therapeutic x-rays are the type of x-ray you鈥檒l usually get during a standard dental visit that includes an oral exam and a teeth cleaning.