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what is the law on public restrooms

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There鈥檚no specific Federal lawdictating that commercial businesses must provide public restrooms for customers, though many establishments 鈥?such as restaurants, for example 鈥?do offer facilities for customers.

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  • Are stores required to have public restrooms?

  • Are Stores Required to Have Public Restrooms? While restrooms are needed in most food-serving establishments by law, not all retail stores are required to provide restrooms for customers. Store restroom requirements are based on square footage, occupancy, local and state laws.

  • What are the laws for public restrooms in California?

  • Public Restrooms 118500. Every public agency that conducts an establishment serving the public or open to the public and that maintains therein restroom facilities for the public, shall make every water closet for each sex maintained within the facilities available without cost or charge to the patrons, guests, or invitees of the establishment.

  • What is the Restroom Access Act?

  • The Woman Behind the Restroom Access Act The Restroom Access Act is a law passed in several states that requires retail establishments that do not have public restrooms to provide access to employee-only restrooms to their patrons in need. After all, the employees need to go to the bathroom somewhere also, right?

  • Is it legal for a business to lock the bathroom?

  • Locked restrooms, or restrooms intended only for employees are legal, but in most states staff must unlock the restroom if any occupant asks. In some states, like Texas, a retail business must open their private restrooms only to individuals with health conditions.