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does arizona have son of sam law

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  • Do any states still have son of Sam laws?

  • However, many states still have Son of Sam laws on the books. The push for restitution for crime victims will likely focus on general civil-forfeiture actions or traditional tort suits against the criminals. More states may extend the statute of limitations period for such lawsuits.

  • What are 鈥渟on of Sam鈥?laws and how do they work?

  • These statutes, known as 鈥淪on of Sam鈥?laws, are designed to take money criminals and ex-cons earn from expressive works about their crimes and give it to their victims or their victims鈥?family members. Supporters of the laws say they help crime victims and prevent criminals from profiting from their misdeeds.

  • What was the outcome of the son of Sam case?

  • The federal district court and later a federal appeals court upheld the New York Son of Sam law. However, in 1991 in Simon and Schuster v. Members of the New York State Crime Victims Board the Supreme Court declared that the statute was an unconstitutional content-based restriction of speech for two reasons.

  • Does the Massachusetts son of Sam law violate the First Amendment?

  • The decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court and the California Supreme Court led Massachusetts鈥?highest court to conclude that a bill in the Massachusetts Senate, which would have created a Massachusetts Son of Sam law, violated the First Amendment. As mentioned earlier, the Nevada Supreme Court is set to determine the fate of that state鈥檚 law.