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what are the file sharing copyright laws in your area

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  • Is it illegal to share MP3 files?

  • Most MP3s don’t fall into either category. MP3 files are completely legal, but it’s illegal to make or distribute MP3s of music recordings that you don’t already own, or which you haven’t obtained permission to reproduce from the copyright owner. In almost all cases, sharing MP3s over the campus network is also illegal.

  • What are the legal risks of downloading and sharing illegal files?

  • The record and movie industry in recent years has taken an aggressive approach to stopping illegal downloading and file sharing. This has put many students at the nation’s colleges and universities at some legal risk. Your actions when downloading or sharing files are traceable and could result in a significant financial penalty to you.

  • What is the Recording Industry Association of America doing about illegal file sharing?

  • For instance, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is now sending colleges and universities letters pointing to specific alleged instances of illegal file sharing and requesting the university to forward the letter to the person the university identifies as being associated with the activity.

  • What is file sharing and how does it work?

  • Whether it is music, games, or software, file-sharing can give people access to a wealth of information. You simply download special software that connects your computer to an informal network of other computers running the same software. Millions of users could be connected to each other through this software at one time.