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which states passed laws outlawing slavery after the war

which states passed laws outlawing slavery after the war插图

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  • How long did it take for slavery to end in Pennsylvania?

  • In hindsight, the Pennsylvania law was actually the most restrictive of the five gradual abolition laws passed in northern states. With its provisions for 28 years in bondage, the law gave a two generation grace period for slavery to die out. Total abolition did not happen in Pennsylvania until 1847.

  • How many slaves were freed under the Enlistment Bill?

  • Rhode Island passed an enlistment bill in 1778 where slaves were manumitted and offered soldier鈥檚 benefits and the owner was compensated up to 120. Less than 100 slaves were freed under this bill and it was quickly repealed after the next election cycle because there was so much opposition to it.

  • How was slavery abolished in the state of Massachusetts?

  • In Massachusetts, slavery eroded slowly, without a definitive act of gradual abolition. Starting in 1766 there was a series of cases in which slaves sued their masters for restricting their liberties. These cases had mixed results, sometimes the rulings favored the slaves and sometimes they favored the masters.

  • What happened to slavery in the north after the Civil War?

  • Because northern slaves used a process of gradual abolition, the institution of slavery was present in the North far longer than many people realize. As historian James Gigantino wrote in his work on abolition in New Jersey, 鈥渟lavery did not die after the Revolution, it sustained itself until the Civil War鈥?(1).