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Sports Law Sports law is thecollection of the many different types of law that impact the sports industry. Sports law might involve issues that relate to professional or Olympic athletes. It also relates to laws that govern youth and amateur sports.

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  • What is sports law and what does it cover?

  • Sports law is an amalgam of laws that apply to athletes and the sports they play. It is not a single legal topic with generally applicable principles. Sports law touches on a variety of matters, including contract, tort, agency, antitrust, constitutional, labor, trademark, Sex Discrimination, criminal, and tax issues.

  • What are some common sports law issues?

  • Sports Law encompasses a multitude areas of law brought together in unique ways. Issues such as antitrust, contracts, and torts are quite common. For further information in these areas see: Antitrust. Contracts. Tort.

  • What is the International Sports Law Journal?

  • The International Sports Law Journal (ISLJ) is a quarterly (two double issues, April and October) peer-reviewed journal in the emerging specialty area of international sports law. The ISLJ welcomes manuscripts in English language, and maintains an impressive Editorial Board of international experts.

  • What is the sport Law&Strategy Group?

  • The Sport Law Strategy Group (formerly the Centre for Sport and Law) provides legal solutions, planning and governance services, event management and sponsorship consulting, executive coaching and communications advice to leaders and organizations in the Canadian sport system.