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is upright law legitimate

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  • What is upright law?

  • UpRight Law is a law firm that helps consumers struggling with debt, including foreclosure, credit card debt, medical debt, and garnished wa鈥?Read More. This is a multi-location business.

  • Why choose upright law for bankruptcy?

  • UpRight Law made the procedure easy. While the emotional process of filing for bankruptcy may be personally difficult, UpRight Law made the procedure easy. An extremely helpful and qualified staff guided me through every step, every update, every phase of the filing. They provided answers when needed, options when available, and best practices.

  • How do you say thank you to upright law?

  • Upright Law thank you. I am so appreciative of Upright Law. They helped me out of a very difficult situation. I鈥檓 so glad the company exists. People that care and help me get through this situation. All I can say is thank you, thank you. Jeri, first we want to say thank you so much for this amazing review and sharing your experience.

  • How to contact up right Law Client Services?

  • We apologize for your experience with our firm and based on the information provided we are unable to locate your account at this time. Please call client services at 312-940-8113 so we can help. Thanks to up right law for helping me鈥?/div>UpRight Law Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of www