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what law required five native american tribes to move

what law required five native american tribes to move插图

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  • How has the policy of Native American rights changed over time?

  • The policies of European settlers who settled North America towards native Americans has changed significantly over time. Laws have been passed and policies established with the intent to aid the American Indians or to move them out of the way of the progress of the non-Indian population.

  • What did the Indian Relocation Act of 1830 do?

  • This act, signed into law by President Andrew Jackson in May 1830, required that all Native American tribes living east of the Mississippi River relocate to lands west of the river.

  • What was the policy of the Five Civilized Tribes?

  • Though the United States government promised that all of the lands of the Five Civilized Tribes would be free of white settlement, this was not the case as thousands violated the policy.

  • What are the first 5 Native American tribes to become civilized?

  • It represents the 5 Native American tribes 鈥?the Seminole, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Choctaw, and Creek (Muscogee). They are the first 5 nations that Anglo-European people generally considered as 鈥渃ivilized鈥?because these five nations embraced qualities of the colonists鈥?culture such as…