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what does pro hac vice mean in law

what does pro hac vice mean in law插图

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For this occasion only

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  • What does it mean to appear pro hac vice?

  • Pro hac vice Pro hac vice, Latin: for this occasion or for this event, is a legal term usually referring to a lawyer who has not been admitted to practice in a certain jurisdiction but has been allowed to participate in a particular case in that jurisdiction. The right to appear pro hac vice is not guaranteed.

  • What is pro-hac vice?

  • Pro hac vice is a legal term for adding an attorney to a case in a jurisdiction in which he or she is not licensed to practice in such a way that the attorney does not commit unauthorized practice of law.

  • Is there pro hac vice practice in the US?

  • There is case law in every United States jurisdiction which contains the finer points of pro hac vice practice. Certain issues appear repeatedly, and should be investigated prior to admission before a foreign court.

  • What are pro hac vice admission rules in administrative law?

  • Administrative tribunals often expressly or impliedly follow pro hac vice admission rules as outlined by the bar or local rules of court or civil procedure. In many instances, the agencies have their own pro hac vice admission rules. Pro hac vice admission rules in transactional matters has not often been treated by the courts.